Autoscaling Cloud-Native Apps: 3-day Assessment

Codit BVBA

Review and optimize the scalability of your cloud-native platform

Building a platform is one thing, making sure it automatically scales to optimize for cost and handle peak workloads is another.

Azure provides a variety of services on which you can build your solutions. Some of these services provide pay-as-you-go pricing models, support autoscaling out-of-the-box, or do not provide autoscaling at all. This makes it harder to provide a standardized autoscaling approach, but it is not impossible.

Codit helps you design, build & implement an autoscaling strategy for your solution that not only provides autoscaling, but also gives you enough insights on how it is scaling, when and why in a consistent approach across all Azure services such as Azure Serverless, Functions, Logic Apps, WebApps, API Management or Azure Kubernetes Service.

What we will do during this assessment:

  • Review of your current platform & architecture
  • Review of your current autoscaling strategy, if applied already

What you will get

  • Documented improvement areas for your autoscaling strategy
  • A high-level roadmap to implement your autoscaling strategy