Generative AI Assessment: 2-Wk Assessment

Coeo Ltd

Coeo's Generative AI Assessment has been designed to explore, ideate and plan a Generative AI strategy for your organisation, tailored to industry and market drivers, using Microsoft Azure AI Services

The potential of Generative AI to revolutionise entire industries and allow organisations' emerge as market frontrunners has kickstarted the need to explore, investigate and adopt Generative AI Solutions. This new capability offers significant efficiency gains by reducing the need for manual content creation and can enhance productivity across various business departments.

Coeo are a specialist Microsoft Data & AI solution partner providing practical advice, guidance and next steps to adopting Microsoft AI services, integrating new capability with existing data and analytics platforms to drive innovation in your organisation.

Our Generative AI Assessment can help your organisation by:

  • Educating - Introducing core concepts like transparency and responsible-AI.
  • Ideating - Tailoring the art of the possible to your organisation by identifying and prioritising use cases.
  • Planning - Once use cases have been defined and prioritised based on your business needs, an adoption roadmap will be created.

Assessment Overview

  1. Key Stakeholder Interviews: conducted to assess key drivers and ambitions for Generative AI Solutions.
  2. AI Education Session: to provide up-to-date, relevant information with an introduction to core AI concepts & Azure OpenAI product capabilities to inspire subsequent workshops.
  3. Ideation Workshop: to establish user personas and identify critical business use cases; prioritising based on impact, necessity and feasibility.
  4. Planning Workshop: to deep-dive into some of the use cases, focused on dependencies, risks, skills gaps and required products to build a well-integrated Generative AI platform with Microsoft Azure AI Services.
  5. Report & documentation providing business value assessment and cost analysis.

Technologies covered include - Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Chat GPT, DALL-E, GPT-4 & Open Source.

Working alongside experienced Coeo consultants, this assessment program is designed to gather vital insight from your business to inform and create an innovative and robust Generative AI strategy, taking you from ideation to clear next steps.

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