Migration AVS: 3 Wk Implementation


The project will include the implementation of Azure VMware Solutions

The project will include setup of the Azure landing zone (subscriptions, identity, networking, security and governance), compatibility check and migration of selected on-premises applications and/or applications hosted in competitive clouds (e.g. AWS or GCP) or in 3rd party hosted are also eligible. The applications will be running on Windows Server, Linux, SQL Server and open source database platforms (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB). The migration plan will identify the in-scope applications and map the target destination for each of the server and database components. The targets can include:
• Azure VMware Solutions.

The project will implement required mitigations to enable migration of the selected applications. The project will migrate the targeted servers to virtual machines in Azure – including replication, testing, migration completion, and final cut-over. Migration of the targeted databases will be completed to the selected database solution in Azure – including replication, testing, migration completion, and final cut-over. Available optimizations, including application of Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances will be applied during migration as determined in the assessment phase. In addition to migration, the supplier will also provide the following services to support the migration: • Cofomo led project management and delivery services. • Cofomo led change management, communications, training, and knowledge transfer specific the migration and management of the VMs or Databases. • Prioritize and define a migration approach across the applications with a plan for communication and readiness – to IT and application business groups. • Conduct a success assessment post migration to capture customer feedback, lessons learned, and success stories.

The project duration will vary based on the results of the compatibility check and additional customer requirements.