Safe Buildings: 10 Week Implementation


Gaining confidence to reopen business and manage health and safety risks in the post-pandemic economy.

Cognizant provides Azure professional services to organizations to deploy Safe Buildings solutions who need to help their customers and employees feel safe and gain the confidence to reopen and manage risks in a post-pandemic business economy.

Assessment Phase

  • Facility Onboarding to identify the layout of the store of each floor & camera position & area covered; also the existing video management system connected for each camera feed
  • Assess customer's IT infrastructure landscape related to Azure services and development setup through discussions with customer

Provisioning & Validation

  • Set up IoT Edge module with IP camera and rule engine in IoT Edge Server
  • Set up Data Processing & transformation flow
  • Leverage Azure services like Azure IoT Edge module & runtime, Azure IoT Hub & Event hub and Azure Function to develop Smart Buildings with highest level of insights and data security.
  • Develop robust monitoring and different visualization Reports using Microsoft Power BI

Cognizant's highly skilled Azure & IoT expertise, Security architects and rich ecosystem of devices and sensors this offering to help customers achieve the following goals:

Rapid Design: Create a scalable, highly-available solution on Azure for various environments based on Cognizant's pre-defined, proven architectural framework

Business Agility: End-to-end automation enablement for provisioning infrastructure scalable for additional store or camera and business rule complexity

Business Reliability: Control over cost, time, and implementation uncertainties and can pilot Safe Buildings solution in 6 weeks to re-open business safely.

Cognizant's assets help

  • Real time tracking, tracing & non-adherence alerts
  • History of traversed Path, Time Spent, Crowd Counting, Crowd Density
  • Help with decision-making on product placement, layout planning & crowd control