HIPAA Ready Compliance: 4 Weeks Implementation

Communication Square LLC

4 week Implementation is designed to help customers fully utilize HIPAA ready solution in their production environment

If you already completed our Assessment or POC, you are eligible for $1000 Discount

###Process The Communication Square team will require access to existing customer environment and an Azure subscription (existing or new)

An Azure Certified Consultant will then share with you a report of successful implementation of HIPAA ready solution and complete documentation.

1- Access controls, restrictions and security controls. 2- The Breach Notification Rule, to notify affected individuals. 3- The Security Rule, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic. 4- The Privacy Rule, which restricts use and disclosure of an individual’s PHI (Personal health information) 5- Data loss prevention policies for accidental leakage of data/Internal threat. 6- Threat protection policies to protect from external threat. 7- Extra policies, restriction and security as required by the organization. 8- HIPAA ready customized secure azure environment. 9- Line of business application integration (If possible). 10- Backups for organization's servers and libraries. 11- Device management of users. 12- Presentation to the management team. 13- Complimentary on-going SLA Support for 1 Year if you purchase Azure Licensing through us.

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###About Communication Square Communication Square is a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Gold Partner with 10 Gold Competencies. We are trusted to provide SMEs with ready solutions to help manage, and protect their data.