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Encrypted Briefcase: 2 Weeks PoC

Communication Square LLC

Encrypted Briefcase: 2 Weeks Proof of Concept

This Azure based offer Encrypted Briefcase provides data protection for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files. You’ll be trained on best practices to implement Encrypted Briefcase in your organization, Encrypted Briefcase is using Azure Information Protection, which is powerful enough to  track where files are being accessed from, revoke permissions for current and former employees, and restore older data in the event of accidental overwrite or deliberate deletion. Our experts will spin up a basic instance of Office 365 in Azure along with the complete list of deliverables.


  • You receive a Demo of our own Production Environment showing an ideal use case of Encrypted Briefcase in action.
  • You receive report and analyze your existing File Storage & Document Collaboration platforms and list down any files that may not be protected.
  • You receive a Permission Guide explaining how you should deploy an organizational hierarchy for effectively migrating your data to Encrypted Briefcase.
  • You receive "Crack the Code" Training Series to ensure you are always on top of your data.
  • You receive On-boarding Guide for new employees, so they do everything right from day 1.
  • You receive Admin Access Revoke Guide to quickly revoke permissions as and when needed.
  • You receive FREE one-time migration of your data to Encrypted Briefcase.
  • You receive Encrypted Briefcase with unlimited encrypted storage to store all your files for up-to five users


  • Assessment of application requirements, user personas and business goals

  • Prepare report with suggested deployment and usage plan
  • Presentation to the management team
  • Q&A Session

    Week 2

  • Setup and backend provisioning of your solution

  • Go-Live – Start your Encrypted Briefcase

    About Communication Square

Communication Square LLC is a Microsoft Gold Partner that focuses on data. We strongly believe the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but rather data.