Cloud Landing Zone & Governance

Concurrency, Inc.

Deployment of an Azure CAF-consistent Enterprise Landing Zone and Governance Framework

Concurrency works with customers to implement am Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) consistent Enterprise Landing Zone and Governance Framework. This includes the following deliverables:

  • Education on the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Education on Organizational Structures and Adoption best practices
  • Design of an Enterprise Landing Zone structure (management groups, subscriptions)
  • Design of a tagging approach
  • Design of the policy framework
  • Design of role-based security implementation
  • Design of management tooling and approach
  • Validation of organizational structure for Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Build of enterprise landing zones and governance based on agreed structure
  • Education and review of enterprise landing zone

After the project is completed, the customer will be in an operationalized state for governance of the Azure environment.