Entra Identity Governance 4-week PoC

Condatis Group Limited

Improve regulatory compliance by navigating the fine balance between productivity and security.

Are you wrestling with the complexities of Identity and Access Management (IAM)? Slow onboarding, inefficient manual processes, and disparate access controls are a reality for many organisations; the larger or more diverse your users are, the more complicated things get. Microsoft Entra ID Governance is the key to realising a secure and dynamic future.

Common scenarios where Entra ID Governance is an optimal solution:

  • Slow onboarding and offboarding: Manual provisioning delays user access, hindering productivity and impacting business agility. Delays in manual user offboarding and removal of permissions increase security vulnerabilities.
  • Error-prone processes: Manual interventions introduce vulnerabilities and compliance risks.
  • Disconnected access control: Siloed systems create blind spots and make access reviews near impossible.
  • Inadequate user segmentation: Treating all users the same ignores diverse access needs and leads to inefficient license utilisation.
  • Privileged account chaos: Manual creations and multiple accounts per user increase risks and costs.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance: a secure and efficient solution allowing you to:

  • Improve productivity: Streamline access for employees, suppliers, and business partners to cloud-based and on-premises applications and services at scale by removing manual approvals.
  • Strengthen security: Leverage machine learning for access decisions to mitigate the potential risks associated with access misuse and establish reviews to verify the ongoing user, group or access privileges.
  • Automate routine tasks: Assign routine resource access requests to relevant business groups and automate the approval process for standard resource access.

A PoC tailored to your users at its core

This PoC goes beyond a demonstration of Entra ID Governance; it's a transformative experience designed to show you the value of Identity Governance in a setting real and familiar to you and your stakeholders. You’ll clearly understand how Entra ID Governance can be tailored to your specific needs now and in the future. Together, we’ll cover :

  • Scoping workshop: we will collaboratively define your unique identity personas and access requirements.
  • System Assessment: ensuring smooth integrations with your HR systems.
  • Identity Lifecycle Management: assisting with provisioning and automation for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid users.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Configuration: implement granular access controls tailored to your specific roles and personas.
  • Streamlined access requests and approvals: empower users with self-service requests and automated approvals for faster access.
  • Interactive stakeholder demonstration: allowing your stakeholders to witness the power of Entra ID Governance with a personalised hands-on experience.
  • Low-level design documentation: Capture configuration decisions and ensure smooth implementation to prepare you for future deployment.
  • Optimised existing investments: Leverage your existing Entra ID licenses to help you reach your full potential.

For more information, visit https://condatis.com/technology/microsoft-entra/entra-id-governance/ or contact info@condatis.com.