Machine Learning: 5-Day Proof of Concept

CCG Analytics

Create Predictive Analytics Solutions Through the Power of Machine Learning

Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, financial services or education, leveraging machine learning can help streamline processes and inspire predictive intelligence throughout your entire organization. Built for technical and non-technical business leaders, CCG’s five-day workshop enables you to collaborate with Data Science Consultants to look at your advanced analytics strategy.

CCG’s Approach: Day 1 – Focus on core business problems and use cases for machine learning

Day 2 – Analyze an overview of data sources and review suggestions for data processes

Day 3 – 5 – Develop next steps for Machine Learning use cases to create actionable strategy

Benefits: In this five-day POC, you’ll explore the many benefits to machine learning and CCG’s methodology for advanced analytics. By engaging in a Machine Learning POC you will:

• Understand the fundamentals of Machine Learning in the analytics landscape

• Develop key use cases specific to your industry and business

• Assess your organization’s current data processes

• Visualize predictive model outputs leveraging Microsoft’s Power BI

Learn more about this five-day workshop by contacting an Analytics Consultant through the button on the left, or by emailing

About CCG

CCG Analytics Solutions & Services is a Gartner-trusted data and analytics company that empowers leaders with innovative, Microsoft-based solutions and services. Our consultants are backed by deep experience in helping organizations to digitally transform, streamline operations, and forecast for the future. From data strategy and cloud management to analytics and visualizations, CCG provides the people, tools, and processes that help you reveal answers, look ahead, see farther and go faster.

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