Data Platform Modernization: 2 Week Assessment

Coretek Services

Thinking about modernizing or migrating your existing application platform to the leading data solutions from Microsoft? Our experts help assess your current platform and the best path to Azure.

Have Confidence in Your Data with our

During this two-week assessment, our data and analytics team will help bring all your ever-growing data sources together and enable your business leaders to make decisions with confidence.

Our team creates the framework that allows your experts to uncover insights from your data to help you make better decisions, operationalize analytics, and address increasing customer needs. Together we create future growth and unlock greater value from third-party and enterprise data, whether internal, external, structured, or unstructured.

Build Smarter and More Powerful Apps

There are many reasons businesses migrate and modernize data workloads.

» Upgrade an application » Replace aging hardware » Keep up with the latest regulatory or industry » Security and compliance standards » Avoid end-of-support scenarios » Modernize on new technology to better serve customers and employees

Our data platform modernization two-week assessment will review and evaluate your current data and application, and also design your new modern data warehouse within Azure.

Weekly Agenda

» Week one: Assess your current data and application. » Week two: Plan and design your modern data warehouse on Azure.

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