Computer Vision: 8-wk Implementation

Crayon US

Collaborate with the Crayon AI team to automate manual processes and improve accuracy, consistency, and scalability on image classification and object detection efforts.

Computer Vision is an artificial intelligence (AI) field dealing with how computers obtain high-level understanding from digital images and videos. AI algorithms analyze images to detect anomalies, categorize images, identify objects, and add metadata. The algorithms can be programmed to detect any specified content (pedestrians and cars, faces of people, defects on products, cancerous tumors, sick livestock, etc.)

The Crayon AI team will deliver a solution tailored to your business needs and industry. After a discovery session, our team will provide a proof of concept (POC) and then an implementation of the agreed-upon solution. The solution will be hosted in Azure Cloud and use Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Bricks to support your business case.