Modernise your Azure Data Platform: 2 Day Workshop

Data-Driven AI

2-day workshop to understand your current data estate and the benefits of an Azure modern data platform. The outcome is a strategic road-map and recommendations to deliver a data analytics platform.
Consolidating your disparate data sources and building a modern data platform on Microsoft Azure can be a real challenge for a company. This workshop aim is to understand your company’s current data estate and help you design a strategic road-map to modernise your Azure data platform. Your new Azure platform will be ready for advanced analytics using scalable and secure cloud-based technology on Microsoft Azure. We will deliver and walk you through your strategic road-map and our recommendations to achieve your business objectives and transformation to a modern data platform on Azure. This report can help your business create an internal business case and understand how and where to start to transform your traditional analytics into a modern, advanced analytics platform. **Agenda - Day 1** - Introduction and Modern Data Platform overview - Whiteboarding session to identify pain points **Agenda - Day 2** - Interviews with Key Stakeholders - Identification of key use-case - Summary and Next Steps **The report will include:** - List of included business systems and apps currently in place - Strategic roadmap of the data ingestion priorities in Azure - Identify cost savings opportunities in Azure - Estimated timeline, costs, resources required - High level Azure architecture recommendation - Recommendations for possible Azure Proof-of-Concept with selected use-case Estimated $3,900 + GST based on a typical environment. The actual cost and effort required may vary depending on complexity of the environment and the client needs. **About Us** Data-Driven AI is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in advanced analytics consulting and building modern data platforms for our customers. We deliver innovative data and AI solutions to help organisations build a data-driven culture and empower their business decisions with insights. For more information visit our website at