Cloud Journey Assessment- 4 Weeks


Application Assessment, Migration Plan and Cloud Architecture.

Application Assessment Discovery on premisses and cloud, through the assessment we are able to get the azure dependencies, for each application, so together with the customer we can prioritize applications and systems to migrate, besides the assessment, we already delivery a complete migration plan and a cloud arcthitecture based on best practives. How does it work?

First Two Weeks Assessment in the environment, when necessary an agent can be installed, our team interview the customer´s internal team to understand how the components are integrated between them and the applications installed, in the end of the two weeks the outcome is current architecture, the integrations and the applications matrix.

One Week Risk Assessment Migration Schedule Plan to the Cloud Application Priorization based on the business rules

Last Week New Cloud Architecture following the best practices understanding the customer priorities.

Bellow follow a estimate for 30 virtual machines.