Data Mesh Deep Dive


1-day workshop to deep dive into Data Mesh with a focus on Azure, detailing core concepts, design considerations, architectural best-practices and lessons learned from real-world implementations.


From the emergence of data warehouses in the late 80s to data lakehouses in 2020: the evolution of data architecture has always been marked by increased centralization. However, faced with a growing number of data sources, use cases, users and tools, the limits of data centralization are becoming more and more apparent.

Data Mesh – a new socio-technological paradigm in the world of data based on four core principles – offers a fresh, decentralized perspective on some key data challenges, addressing the overall question on how to build data platforms that scale organizationally.


This 1-day workshop is intended for IT leaders, Digital Transformation Managers, Enterprise Architects and Data Platform Architects looking for an in-depth accelerated training on Data Mesh and the application of its underlying principles within the Azure Cloud ecosystem, in line with Microsoft’s recommendations as outlined in its Cloud Scale Analytics framework. A variety of design considerations and architectural best-practices are covered – including data governance as well as infrastructural topics – collected from multiple real-world data mesh implementations.

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