OpenAI IdeaLab


1-day workshop to delve into Generative AI through an accelerated learning journey, focusing on OpenAI, covering core concepts, scoping customized use cases for your business, and designing a roadmap.


Open AI (and Generative AI in general) caused an earthquake with the general public and is now further finding its way into our professional life. However, faced with the multitude of professional applications, identifying the good, the bad, the ugly in terms of use-cases, pitfalls,…requires the need for a holistic approach to getting started.

Generative AI – using artificial intelligence to generate new text, content, code,… – offers a fresh perspective on content creation, programming, customer service,…and much more. But identifying those use-cases that make the difference between a gimmick and a value-adding capability, is where organizations are looking for guidance.

This 1-day workshop is intended for IT leaders, Digital Transformation Managers, Process Owners and Data Scientists who are looking for an in-depth understanding of the capabilities OpenAI brings. A variety of design considerations and best-practices are covered – including the identification of the value-adding use-cases specific for your organization.


1-day workshop to deep-dive into Generative AI through an accelerated learning journey, with a strong focus on OpenAI, detailing core concepts, scoping potential use-cases tailored to your business and designing a roadmap.

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Official price available in attached slide deck.