Knowledge Accelerator Azure Stack: 5-day Workshop

Dell Technologies Services

*An onsite operational review of Microsoft Azure Stack features and how they work.*
To help your team get more familiar with Microsoft Azure Stack, we provide an overview focusing on four main areas: Azure Stack administration/monitoring, DevOps, PaaS and IaaS. ### Agenda The knowledge transfer will happen in four phases: * Monitoring and Administration of Azure Stack * DevOps overview for Azure Stack * PaaS overview for Azure Stack * IaaS overview for Azure Stack Day 1: * Azure Stack overview * Azure Stack roles overview * Offers, plans and quotas * Azure Stack Marketplace * Azure Stack monitoring * Azure Stack infrastructure patch & upgrade * Azure security and compliance * Azure Stack BCDR * Azure consistent billing Day 2: * Azure Stack architecture * Datacenter integration * App services RP * SQL Server & MySQL RP * Lab Day 3: * Azure Stack DevOps * Azure resource manager and templates * Azure resource manager workshop Day 4: * IaaS overview and reference architectures * VM’s and scale sets * Azure Stack networking * Azure Stack storage * IaaS architecture workshop Day 5: * PaaS overview and reference architectures * App services and lab * Key vault and lab * Azure container service and AKS * AKS lab ### Key Deliverables Gain a better understanding of the main features and capabilities of Azure Stack, empowering your team with the knowledge to operationalize for fast adoption and consumption of your cloud. Price may vary upon customer’s location.