Delphi - Azure Sentinel: 5-Days Proof of Concept

Delphi Consulting

Get started with Azure Sentinel with our Proof-of-Concept Offering and gain a definite understanding on the features and capabilities of the Microsoft’s next generation SIEM + SOAR solution.

Protecting your systems, data and users has never been more challenging. Cyber threats are growing rapidly in volume and sophistication, whilst a cloud-enabled and mobile workforce has restricted visibility and control. For many organizations, incident investigation and response processes are complex, slow and expensive – in today’s climate, they are simply unfit for purpose.

Delphi Consulting will help you get started with Azure Sentinel with its Proof of Concept offering and the program running over 5 days. We aim to provide you a definite understanding of how Azure Sentinel can contribute to your business from securing the enterprise to saving the infrastructure cost.

Delphi’s offering:

  1. Drive workshop with customer security team to understand all the security reporting and automation requirements.
  2. Configure and showcase below Azure sentinel functionalities based on the workshop conducted. a. Analytic rules b. Workbooks c. Automation playbooks d. Integration with third party security devices and native Microsoft components.
  3. Deliver Azure Sentinel High level design document.
  4. Deliver TCO based on assessment performed.
  5. Threat Mitigation Recommendations (Optional)