Outcome-focused Cloud Migration Support Implementation


Well-Architected foundations for cloud migration make it quicker and easier to unlock Azure benefits

Outcome-focused cloud migration support from DevOpsGroup involves three phases: discovery (including workshops and a Well-Architected Review of the target workload), design (including an architectural design document and a high-level plan), then delivery of a Well-Architected Azure Landing Zone.

In the discovery workshops our Azure Engineers will work closely with key members of your team to elicit goals and pain points. This critical stage underpins the success of the entire engagement. As well as gaining a detailed understanding of core requirements and potential challenges, we lay the foundations for a collaborative partnership. Following on from this, our engineers conduct a Well-Architected Review and additional desk-based discovery work to assess the existing architecture.

The discovery phase informs the next stage where we prepare a cloud architecture design document and a high-level migration plan. We include technical recommendations which are verified by our cloud engineering experts, and a migration backlog outlining key tasks that need to be completed.

Next, we build a Well-Architected Azure Cloud Landing Zone to receive the migrated workload. This provides a secure, well-organised foundation from which to build and evolve the infrastructure.

This consulting offer uses expert-led analysis and planning to reduce the risks of cloud migration and ensure benefits are achieved more quickly.

Key activities

  • Catalogue the existing estate - We conduct exploratory and infrastructure discovery workshops to ensure the entire workload is accounted for.

  • Conduct a workload assessment - This involves a Well-Architected Review as well as additional workshops and desk-based assessments.

  • Design the cloud landing zone - We plan the workload configuration, drawing on Azure Well-Architected principles.

  • Create workload blueprints - Our blueprints play a critical role making cloud migration fast, secure and simple, but also repeatable.

  • Formulate migration plans - We outline key steps for the migration along with technical considerations and priorities for modernisation.

  • Optimise cloud platform costs - We combine an automation-first mindset with tactical steps to provide full visibility of cloud use.

  • Migrate the workload - We handle the migration of an initial workload to prove the concept and demonstrate best practice.

  • Deliver training- Landing zone and operability workshops provide your team with the knowledge to run the workload in the cloud



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