ACE AVD: 4-Wk Implementation

Devoteam France

Azure Virtual Desktop implementation which is adapted to your needs and will be guaranteed fast and secure 

Most businesses today have employees working remotely, needing seamless and secure access to data and applications.  Many companies migrate their IT environment to Azure, changing their virtual desktop needs to requiring a azure-optimized solution.   Getting an Azure virtual desktop solution adapted to actual needs can be time-consuming, costly and incomprehensible.   The company risks being locked in an unpredictable "black box" relationship with a supplier, without the necessary competence to know if the solution is the right one – or how to get out.  

The process

Assessment  A thorough assessment of the organisation's needs and requirements, mapping out the organisation's network, applications, usage, licensing and identities to identify key design decisions. Workshops  A series of workshops to strengthen your cloud competence and enable you to securely operate your virtual desktop. At the end of the workshops, you will understand what you need, why you need it, and how to operate it Design  We recommend the appropriate design from 100+ pre-made design decisions compliant with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework requirements. This ensures optimal architecture and a secure and compliant virtual desktop solution.   Implementation  The design decisions are configured through infrastructure as code (IaC), and we provide automated deployment and quick provisioning of AVD with QuickStart templates. This ensures a consistent, fast and repeatable implementation

The outcome The organisation will have a greater understanding of your needs and requirements, especially security and compliance.  You will also gain the knowledge and confidence to operate AVD efficiently and securely.  When the implementation is done, we provide the resources you need to use the virtual desktop with ease, including guides, FAQs and video instructions. 

Security and compliance  The thorough assessment ensures that the recommended design decisions build a secure and compliant infrastructure. With IaC, you can be sure that security and compliance is consistent throughout the deployment lifecycle.  

Automation and speed  Automation saves both time and effort and increases the quality and reliability of your solutions. Everything from deployment processes to operational procedures such as personal host provisioning, auto-shutdown, auto-updates for applications and maintenance and version upgrades are fully automated.

In short, you will have a fast, secure and comprehensible Azure Virtual Desktop solution in record time and at a predictable cost – enabling you to make well-informed cloud decisions and ensuring a smooth and safe operation.