Azure Firewall & DDOS Protection POC (10-day)


Even when organizations maintain a "cloud-first" approach, still some workloads will stay on-premises. Learn how to build a secure network in Azure and extend it to your on-premise environment.

Azure Firewall & DDoS Protection workshop (3-day)

The goal of these workshops is to firstly identify which topics are valuable to you and secondly engage with your stakeholders in these specific topics surrounding Azure Firewall & DDoS protection. This can go from integrating Azure Firewall into a pre-existing environment to enabling transparent DDoS protection with end-to-end monitoring. We will further zoom in on your security posture, ambition & possibilities on Azure.


  • Discovery workshop
    • Capture today’s security concerns. Outcomes are input for the next, more tailored, security workshop.
    • Understand Azure Network Security capabilities, like Azure Firewall Standard & Premium, Virtual Networks, Azure DDoS Protection & more.
    • Learn how to protect your apps with cloud-native firewalling capabilities.
    • Learn how to protect your apps from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Tailored Network Security & Resiliency Workshop.
  • Scoping workshop for POC / pilot use cases.

Proof-of-Concept / Production Pilot implementation (7-day)

Engage in a POC / pilot to build a solution that directly impacts the security posture of your cloud environment. For example, a customer wants to build a secure network in Azure and extend it to their on-premise environment.


  • Build your secure network in Azure and extend it to your OnPrem environment: protect your cloud resources with Azure Firewall & DDoS protection.
  • Assess and understand how built-in cloud security improves your organization's security posture.
  • Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks.
  • Explore recommendations and next steps based on POC / pilot outcomes (security roadmap).
  • POC / Pilot wrap-up & handover.


POC / pilot use case implemented with technical documentation.