SDLC modernization sprint: 3-wk Assessment

NTT Limited

Modernize your SDLC to support Azure native application transformation. We work with you to review organizational structure, technology, and process to provide design patterns to support such change.

Transforming applications to Azure and or designing new Azure native applications often requires modernization of the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) and crucially understanding how you currently develop, build, test, release and maintain software within the organization. The NTT Ltd. team provides guidance, insight, and best practice to provide you with an agile engagement to understand how to achieve such changes. The review includes three key areas:

  • Organizational; structure for development, operations & security as well as focus on projects vs products.
  • Technology; version control, provisioning, continuous integration, continuous deployment, release, testing, monitoring, security
  • Processes; overall automation, key steps in the lifecycle, quality assurance and measurements for success.

The engagement is executed using one 3-week agile iteration.

SDLC Modernization Sprint, leverages our cloud adoption framework to assess the above key areas, identify how these can improved and identify primary application use cases to serve as the basis for the modernization roadmap. As part of the review, we will benchmark your existing or planned lifecycle against peers and industry standards which will be translated into a scoring framework including strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. Such recommendations may combine Azure Compute, DevOps & Container patterns.

Includes six 2-hour workshops to understand the key areas, use cases, business & technical requirements then review recommendations.

The result includes a SDLC modernization roadmap including design patterns and recommendations based on identified use cases. Crucially this is an agile collaboration with knowledge sharing, documentation, and resources to help your teams get the skills they need for long-term business agility and maturity on Azure.