Server migration sprint: 3-wk Implementation

NTT Limited

Reduce cost, improve reliability & scalability by migrating your infrastructure to Azure. We work with you to automate an efficient process to complete this in-line with the business criticality.

A common use case for Azure adoption is infrastructure modernization, for example, when your on-premises hardware is reaching a refresh cycle or becomes end of life. In such times migrating to Azure Compute removes the need for capital expenditure and allows the immediate alignment of IT needs to business demand.

The engagement is executed using an agile iteration, with overall duration subject to the scope of infrastructure you would like to migrate.

  • Migration Sprint, leverages our site reliability engineers to automate, deploy, and migrate your infrastructure to Azure Compute. We will use your existing Azure foundations, provide guidance of the prerequisites for the migration including agreeing maintenance windows, test plans, roll-back procedures, and resource dependencies, all based on our migration blueprints to ensure an efficient collaboration between our teams. Includes four 2-hour workshops to review the scope, prerequisites, migration process and handover.

The commercials provided are for the migration of a single system. NTT Ltd. can provide options for migration multiple systems. Please contact us for more information.

The result is improvements to reliability and scalability which are fundamental benefits of Azure adoption. Often, the migration allows for resources to be right sized for the actual demand as opposed to building in complex overheads for future capacity which may never be needed. This is often a technical and cultural change which is not possible on-premises when hardware must be purchased ahead of time to ensure demand can be met. Crucially this is an agile collaboration with knowledge sharing, documentation, and resources to help your teams get the skills they need for long-term business agility and maturity on Azure.