Thingworx on AKS: 1-Wks Implementation

doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH

Implementation of a Thingworx IoT platform on Azure Kubernetes Services

The implementation includes the installation of a Thingworx environment on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). This requires a PTC Thingworx license and the Azure environment on the part of the customer. The delivery item is the provided IoT platform Thingworx with the surrounding Thingworx components on Azure Kubernetes Services as well as scripts, documentation and process models.

Our approach to implementation:

  1. Sizing (Consulting service)
    • Hardware Sizing
    • Requirements Engineering (Sizing, Scaling)
    • Deployment
    • High Availability Strategy
    • Thingworx version (We support from 9.2)
  2. Setup
    • Setting up the Azure Container Registry
    • Setting up the Azure Kubernetes service
    • Setting up monitoring
    • Deployment of the Thingworx components in AKS and your subscription
  3. Run & Operate
    • Starting the Thingworx cluster in Kubernetes
    • Handover of operation and monitoring

Optional: Customer-specific requirements, e.g:

  • Connection with SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Installation of a Thingworx application on Thingworx
  • Custom application on the CI/CD pipelines: Jenkins, Azure Devops, GitLab, etc.
    • Automated deployment of the custom application

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement