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Win/SQL 2008 EOL to Azure: 5 Day Assessment


This no cost assessment is focused on applications running on end of support Windows and SQL Server 2008 products and provides a detailed upgrade and migration plan to Azure.

Workloads/applications running on Windows or SQL Server 2008 are at risk for disruption and security concerns as they reach end of support. This no cost assessment includes an in-depth analysis of selected end of support servers with a detailed plan to upgrade systems via a migration to Azure. DXC Concerto will provide a customized migration plan, including documentation for security and compliance requirements. Organizations then have the option to move these workloads into Azure when ready and benefit from extended security through Microsoft Azure. Additional DXC Concerto services and CSP promotions are available to assist organizations moving into Azure including cloud advisory and planning, migration and technical services, platform and security management, DevOps, DRaaS, and application performance testing.

Key Activities:

  1. Analysis of selected legacy EOL servers

  2. Analysis and documentation of recommended migration strategy to Azure including security and compliance requirements. Using specialized analysis tools, recommendations are based on:

    *system, application performance and usage data

    *networking patterns and bandwidth usage data

    *security and compliance risks/requirements

Key Deliverables:
Upon completion of the assessment, customer will receive a customized PDF report that includes key performance metrics, identification and analysis of end of life workloads, rightsizing recommendations for VM and storage changes, key Azure metrics, and summary recommendations with a migration plan to Azure.