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Implementing Azure Infrastructure: 5-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

This workshop introduces students to Microsoft Azure and then teaches them how to manage their infrastructure in Azure rather than on premise.

This 5-day, instructor-led workshop is aimed at experienced IT Professionals who currently administer their on-premise infrastructure. The workshop introduces the student to Microsoft Azure and then teaches them how to manage their infrastructure in Azure rather than on premise.

What You’ll Learn

  • Describe Azure architecture components including infrastructure, tools, and portals
  • Implement and manage virtual networking within Azure and to connect to on-premises environments
  • Plan and create Azure virtual machines
  • Configure, manage, and monitor Azure virtual machines to optimize availability and reliability
  • Implement, manage, backup and monitor storage solutions.
  • Plan and implement data services based on SQL Database to support applications
  • Deploy and configure websites
  • Deploy, configure, monitor, and diagnose cloud services
  • Publish content through CDNs and publish videos by using Media Services
  • Create and manage Azure AD directories, and configure application integration with Azure AD
  • Integrate on-premises Windows AD with Azure AD
  • Automate operations in Azure management by using PowerShell runbooks


Module 1: Introduction to Azure

Module 2: Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks

Module 3: Implement Virtual Machines

Module 4: Managing Virtual Machines

Module 5: Implementing Websites

Module 6: Planning and Implementing Storage

Module 7: Planning and Implementing Data Services

Module 8: Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services

Module 9: Implementing Content Delivery Networks and Media Services

Module 10: Implementing Azure Active Directory

Module 11: Managing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment

Module 12: Implementing Automation

Module 13: Microsoft Azure Solutions