AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Admin- 4 day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

This 4-day course teaches IT Professionals how to manage their Azure subscriptions, create and scale virtual machines, implement storage solutions, configure virtual networking, back up & share data


DAY 01: You’ll learn about to tooling Azure Administrator uses to manage their infrastructure, Azure virtual machines such as; planning, creating, availability and extensions. Basic storage features including storage accounts, blob storage, Azure files, and storage security will also be tackled.

DAY 02: You’ll learn about basic virtual networking concepts like virtual networks, IP addressing, Azure DNS, and network security groups plus intersite connectivity features including VNet Peering, VNet-to-VNet connections, Site-to-Site Connections, and ExpressRoute and about monitoring your Azure infrastructure including Azure Monitor, alerting, log analytics, and Network Watcher.

DAY 03: You’ll discuss about data replication strategies, backing up files and folders, and virtual machine backups You will also know about network traffic strategies including service endpoints, network routing, Azure Load Balancer, and Azure Traffic Manager plus Azure Active Directory (AD) including Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Join.

DAY 04: You’ll learn how to secure identities including Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure AD Identity Protection, and Self-Service Password Reset. Knowing how to manage your subscriptions and accounts including role-based access control, users and groups, and Azure policy will also be covered and knowing how to effectively share data using Import and Export service, Data Box, Content Delivery Network, and File Sync will be discussed.

Course Outline

Module 1: Azure Administration

Module 2: Azure Virtual Machines

Module 3: Azure Storage

Module 4: Virtual Networking

Module 5: Intersite Connectivity

Module 6: Monitoring

Module 7: Data Protection

Module 8: Network Traffic Management

Module 9: Azure Active Directory

Module 10: Securing Identities

Module 11: Governance and Compliance

Module 12: Data Services

For detailed information on each module please check on the course outline