Azure App Services and AKS: 1 Month POC (using .NET or GoLang)

EastBanc Technologies

Migrate, modernize or re-create your apps in Azure using App Services and Containerization using C# or GoLang

If you're exploring your options to modernize your software applications in Azure, we can help achieve this goal by migrating your on-premises or other cloud services to Azure App Services, AKS, or other related PaaS technologies. Our team of engineers and architects will help you harness the power of Azure PaaS to increase efficiencies and accelerate time to market. Our PoC development offer will consist of the following phases:

Cloud Strategy Action Plan:

  1. Formulate problems to be solved
  2. Determine green field vs brown field approach
  3. Specify expected outcomes (KPIs)
  4. Define IaaS/SaaS/*aaS mix
  5. Cost assessment
  6. Final strategy definition

Cloud Implementation

The first step is to determine skills and training needs and we recommend an iterative approach. Starting with a ‘minimal viable migration’ enables learning and course correction while navigating through the implementation of disaster recovery, monitoring, security and backup measures to ensure business resilience.

Cloud Implementation Action Plan:

  1. Determine skills and training needs
  2. Define security approach
  3. Determine disaster recovery approach for each workload
  4. Set up monitoring toolkit
  5. Migrate workloads to the cloud
  6. Benchmark the outcome and revisit cloud strategy if needed

Depending on PoC complexity we may extend the scope of the development which may change estimated price