Azure Cloud Security: 2-Day Assessment


ECF Data offers a personalized Azure Cloud Security Assessment to help you better prioritize and manage potential attacks and ultimately protect your data on the cloud.

When embracing the cloud, security should come as a priority. Primarily, are you 100% sure that they are secure? Are all your security features in your tenant enabled?

ECF Data’s Azure Cloud Security Assessment audits your environment in comparison to CIS controls and industry best practices, identifying misconfigurations and remediating vulnerabilities prior to them being exploited. This will help you prepare your business by properly setting up your environment correctly.

The Azure Cloud Security Assessment offered by ECF Data will benefit you in the following:

-A comprehensive assessment of your organization’s Azure security

-Protection against developing threats and ensuring that your platform observes best practices

-Identification and remediation of your vulnerabilities

-Peace of mind that your cloud infrastructure is adequate to withstand cloud-based attacks

ECF Data is an Azure expert and is comprised of a team of qualified professionals to ensure the complete configuration of your Azure environment. It meets compliance regulations necessary for your region, clients, and industry.

The assessment will also provide your organization with a comprehensive report that details all the areas of missing or deficient controls. The report will include the following: -Executive report -Key findings -What needs to be prioritized -Recommendations and remediation options