External Identities Management 6-Wk Implementation

Edgile, Inc.

Edgile’s Microsoft External Identities solution leverages the power of Azure Active Directory B2C to build an identity experience that works for any user, using any identity, on any device.

Edgile External Identity Solution is an accelerator to achieving success in these complex, multi-user, multi-role scenarios. By working with some of the largest companies in aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services we have developed deployable models to create that common experience that leverages existing infrastructure (like employee HR and Directories) and new infrastructure like Azure AD B2C to manage identities, roles, access and compliance. We bring the technical expertise, world class UX/UI teams and deployable code in CI/CD pipelines to enable companies to accelerate past the technical intricacies of these multi-persona challenges and get to the important work of their business, innovation and client service.

Our approach leverages the security, identity and revenue protection components of Azure and Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365.

Azure External Identities (Azure AD B2C) – unlimited scaling to hold massive numbers of identities, use social identities, provide identity proofing and validation. Often deployed as the claims broker between numerous identity providers to create a common look and feel for all users because of its highly customizable user journey experience.

Azure Security & Monitoring - Azure AD B2C is secured natively with risk based authentication and MFA and is further secured against business disruption by Azure DDOS, Azure Front Door and is managed and monitored through Azure Monitor enabling Edgile Managed Services option post deployment.

Dymanics 365 Fraud Protection – Retail, Consumer Goods and almost every other sector is doing commerce over these digital platforms. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is a cloud enabled service that increases bank acceptance and revenue, provides additional account and fraud protection and replaces manual investigation with automation dramatically lowering the cost of operations.