Azure Customer Identity Quick Start 14-wk Implementation

Edgile, Inc.

The Azure Customer Identity Quick Start delivers a production pilot of Azure B2C that meets the enterprise customer identity and access management (CIAM) requirements.

Deliverables: • Understand the current and future customer identity and access management requirements for 3 lines of the business, as well as dependencies with other enterprise capabilities, like privacy consent management, etc. • Acquire developed custom B2C policies which will handle common authentication scenarios for a single application using one of the following: SAML, OpenID, or OAuth2 • Configure out-of-the-box UI personalization in the Azure B2C portal • Integrate with an application that is an instance of a production application creating new identities as users interact with it. • Git repo with custom policies • Azure DevOps environment that handles the deployment of the custom policies to the Azure B2C tenant

Scope included: o Design Roadmap o Quick Start deliverables o Assist with implementation of Azure B2C tenant and app registration o Documentation of the pilot user journeys o Configured Azure DevOps instance to handle Azure B2C tenant