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Cloud Optimized WAN Engagement: 4-day Assessment


Help customers realize, plan and develop a framework around WAN transformation and get clear insight into the best approach and architect so that they can confidently progress in their cloud journey.

Let Equinix Professional Services help develop a customized WAN strategy with focus on improved latency, performance, security and flexibility, while providing clear insights into your expected return on investment (ROI), or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Leveraging our methodology ensures fast application delivery from the cloud or data centers out to employees and customers.

Hosted by an Equinix Professional Services Solutions Architect™, the initial workshop usually runs over a two-day period with an agenda that’s focused on current state and future state Azure cloud strategy-including SaaS & IaaS utilization along with application consumption and Microsoft ExpressRoute connectivity.

This workshop: * Provides insight into current WAN performance, limitations and costs * Defines a recommended future state WAN, benefits and cost based on your business objectives and budget * Delivers a TCO/ROI assessment * Recommends the transition steps to accelerate the transformation while mitigating risk * Helps identify a clear consumption pathway for Microsoft Azure with current & future application use