Eviden's Data Security CSI Engagement 4 Week Assessment

Eviden International France - SAS

Elevate your data security with our workshop, "Data Security Value Insights," utilizing the Value Insights methodology.

Data Security Value Insights Workshop

Our experts leverage Microsoft Cloud Services to conduct automated discovery on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams. Through Data Security Check Discovery Services, including Microsoft Purview Information Protection & Governance, Data Loss Prevention, and Content Search, we analyze, report, and assess compliance risks. Gain a clear understanding of Microsoft's approach to privacy and regulatory risk mitigation, receive a comprehensive Data Security Check report, and obtain actionable recommendations for safeguarding your corporate data. The workshop spans four weeks, aligning expectations, defining scope, deploying discovery services, and concluding with an assessment of performance relative to key data protection standards.

In an era where business-critical data expands exponentially and remote work becomes the norm, our "Data Security Value Insights" workshop offers a crucial integrated approach to mitigating and controlling privacy and regulatory risks within your Microsoft cloud environment.


  • Microsoft Cloud Services automated discovery: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams
  • Enabling Data Security Check Discovery Services: Microsoft Purview Information Protection & Governance, Data Loss Prevention, Content Search
  • Compliance Manager Tenant Assessment
  • Analysis and Reporting

Out of Scope:

  • Non-Microsoft Cloud services
  • Proof of concept or pilot deployment
  • Creation of a data labelling taxonomy
  • People & Processes

Microsoft Surplus Value:

  • Data Loss Prevention for Exchange & Teams
  • Sensitive Information Types
  • Activity & Content Explorer
  • Compliance Manager Tenant Assessment
  • Microsoft Purview

What to expect:

  • Clearly look into Microsoft’s approach to mitigating and controlling privacy and regulatory risks.
  • Data Security Check report includes findings and insights from the automated discovery process.
  • A list of recommendations and actionable next steps will help mitigate the identified privacy and regulatory risks.

Rough Timeframe:

  • Week 1: Alignment of expectations, scope, and scheduling. Analyze your sensitive data goals and objectives.
  • Week 2: Kick-Off, definition of scope & deployment of Discovery Services in your production environment to identify privacy and regulatory risks in your data – Exchange, SharePoint, Teams. Optional: On-prem data stores, Windows 10 endpoints.
  • Week 2-3: Data security check and automated discovery.
  • Week 4: Assess performance relative to key data protection standards and regulations. Next steps on how to jointly proceed with a production implementation.

Value Insights Highlights:

  • Assess dark data risks
  • Uncover hidden compliance risks
  • Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks
  • Assess your environment against key data protection standards and regulations
  • Receive analysis and report on findings and associated risks
  • Develop joint plans and next steps for enhanced data security