Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Services 4-Hour Briefing

FiveBy Solutions Inc.

A brief overview of the features and benefits of implementing Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

FiveBy’s fraud management expertise coupled with Microsoft's adaptive AI technology offers customers a comprehensive solution to defend against the continuous threat of fraud related attacks while improving accuracy and acceptance rates. This collaboration enables organizations to identify and reduce fraud costs, while freeing up key resources to focus on investments, innovation, and growth.

In this briefing, you'll learn about Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection’s (DFP) ability to continuously learn evolving fraud patterns leveraging Model Building in Azure Designer. This enables your organization to detect and protect against fraud trends and loss issues faster and with more accuracy, while providing a holistic view of the fraud landscape.

You’ll also learn how FiveBy fraud management experts can help you effectively evaluate DFP through a proof of concept, including:

• A review of current fraud mitigation processes, tools, workflows, and decision matrices.

• An assessment of potential cross-functional impacts to implementing DFP.

• Small batch data labeling (a requirement for DFP proof of concept and ongoing AI training)

• Data mapping (alignment of your data and DFP schema)

• Data health analysis

DFP is supported by an Azure tenant environment within Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This is a dedicated instance of the Azure AD service that your organization receives and owns when it signs up for a Microsoft cloud service such as Azure, Microsoft Intune, or Microsoft 365.

Upon successful validation of Azure tenant environment, FiveBy will help with the integration of systems with DFP APIs. During both the proof of concept and full implementation phases, your data is safely stored into Azure containers using the SAS URL token and from there Microsoft and FiveBy teams will run the Data Checks, building DS models, providing fraud anomaly results.