Epic on Azure: 3-Week Cloud Readiness Assessment

Focus Systems, LLC

We'll collaboratively assess your current Epic infrastructure, and help your team craft a path towards an Azure-based future.

In June 2020, Epic published their “Referenced Architecture for Epic on Azure.” This is a clear signal that the move to cloud-based Epic infrastructure is underway… and it will likely accelerate in the coming years.

As you contemplate such a future, these types of questions likely come to mind:

  • Are we ready to take steps toward an Azure-based infrastructure?
  • What’s the best strategy and path forward?
  • How will this affect our team and talent plan?
  • Where do we start?
The good news is that you’re not alone in these questions and you don’t need to be an Azure or public cloud expert to find the answers.

We’re your guide and strategic advisor.

Why Focus Solutions?

  1. You’ll lean on a team who successfully planned and executed a trailblazing full-stack Epic on Azure installation in 2021.
  2. You’ll have confidence knowing your partner is fully dedicated to the healthcare industry and clearly understands your organization’s opportunities and obstacles.
  3. You’ll rest easy aligning with an infrastructure leader who is an Azure cloud platform Microsoft Gold Partner.

Key Project Deliverables

  • Full assessment of your current infrastructure. Our goal is to help you understand the gaps and opportunities between your current state and a cloud-based future.
  • An option-based roadmap including our recommendations for a phased path towards a future in the cloud.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of each option included in the roadmap.
  • Bespoke insights & recommendations based on your specific situation.
Whether you’re looking to bolster your current business case, seeking to inform your strategic planning process, or want to firmly understand the benefits of an Azure-based infrastructure on your healthcare organization… we’re well equipped and ready to help.

We’re a relationship-driven team who cares deeply about helping your healthcare organization achieve its full potential by bringing together the leading EHR and the power of Azure.

Ready to be inform your infrastructure strategy?

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