Digital inclusion and accessibility: 1-Hr Briefing

Forefront Consulting Group

This briefing is about awareness of Digital inlcusion and accessibility for Applications built on Azure or about to be modernized to Azure. What laws apply and how to move forward.

How do you design, build and modernize your Azure applications to be accessible for people of all abilities? “The Six steps to Digital inclusion and accessibility”-framework will help prepare both your organization and your solutions so that people of all abilities can have an engaging experience. According to the WHO* more than one billion people worldwide live with a disability. This briefing will introduce you to the area and prepare you for the next step to become an organization designing solutions with accessibility in mind.

When you have the knowledge and understanding of how to design, build, and test Azure application offers with accessibility in mind you are ready to build new applications on the Azure platform aswell as modernize old Azure applications. Besides this knowledge the engineering team should have knowledge about the following Microsoft technologies:

Basic understanding of Azure Services. How to design and architect Azure applications. Working knowledge of Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, and Azure Networking. Working knowledge of Azure Resource Manager. Working knowledge of JSON.

What does this Briefing include? Awareness - overview of Digital inlcusion and accessibility - and why. Inspire and establish sense of urgency - the laws, the users, the team. Understand what needs to be done in your organization - and how to move forward Walktrough of the framework "Six steps to Digital inclusion and accessibility"