Mainframe Modernization Assessment


Take the first step in modernizing your Mainframe applications with Fujitsu’s PROGRESSION Mainframe modernisation services.

As a Microsoft Global Systems Integration and Azure Expert MSP partner Fujitsu is fully qualified to work with you to simplify and modernize your Mainframe applications.

PROGRESSION, Fujitsu’s wholly owned and unique technology suite, combined with an extensive global network of experienced industry experts, come together to provide a compelling end-to-end mainframe modernization solution.

We will help you seamlessly modernize your mainframe and transform it onto Microsoft Azure, so that you can maximize the value of your existing investment and begin accelerating your digital transformation.

With the PROGRESSION automated tool suite, legacy applications developed with languages such as COBOL can be easily modernized into languages including C#, .NET or Java. Once the conversion is complete, you own the source code, free of runtime licenses or fees, enabling the applications to move to Microsoft Azure without restrictions.

Mainframe Migration Assessment

In this assessment, we will review your mainframe estate and business requirements, and produce an assessment report summarizing the findings and detailing how the migration can best be achieved.

Assessment Key Activities

During the 10-day Mainframe Migration Assessment, the following will be carried out:

  • Completing the purpose built Mainframe Business and Environment questionnaire.
  • Business benefits workshop with Fujitsu’s Mainframe Modernization experts to further expand the view of business drivers and required outcomes, and to develop a view of the most suitable transformation solution.
  • Delivery of a Mainframe Migration Assessment report summarizing the findings, detailing how the migration can be achieved and a high-level view of costs and timeline.