Multi-Cloud Transformation - Migrate: 10-wk Impl

Fujitsu Services United Kingdom

Let Fujitsu accelerate your migration and help achieve your business objectives, using our proven and low-risk Multi-Cloud Transformation service

Multi-Cloud Transformation - Migrate provides experienced experts to relocate your workloads into your Azure cloud environment quickly and with minimal disruption, using proven best practices and automated tooling.

The service takes end to end responsibility for managing the migration programme and includes the design, build, configuration and validation of your landing zone and utilises proven and well understood tools to automate the migrations, increasing speed and consistency, while taking a cooperative approach to testing and validation of the migrations.

Fujitsu works with you to:
  • Architecture and Design – The A&D phase defines the target Azure Landing Zone including both high- and low-level architecture designs, determines the solution components, their allocated functionality and inter-relationship within the infrastructure, and provides guidance to the subsequent build and configuration execution phase.
  • Build and Configuration – The B&C phase serves two purposes, the first is to prepare the environment for migration by delivering the Landing Zone and any associated services, the second is to instantiate any workloads where re-platforming is required as part of the migration process.
  • Test and Validation – The T&V phase is a collaborative exercise that helps minimise customer risks by planning and managing the end-to-end testing process with pre-defined standards and deliverables.
  • Workload Migration – The migration phase utilises the move groups, delivery schedule and migration strategies defined within the assessment and validated in the T&V phase to relocate your workloads into your Landing Zone

Price is estimated based on 200 VMs / 30 Applications / 1x Source DC. Migration can take up to 6 month depending on the size of the project.