Secure Cloud Foundation - 4 week implementation


Migrate to Azure securely leveraging Next-Generation Firewalls ,secure landing zones, comprehensive governance and compliance and in-line with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Gijima Secure Cloud Foundation offers a secure foundation to customers planning to move workloads to Microsoft Azure and customers with existing Azure environments which require secure governance and compliance. During this 4 week implementation, Gijima ensures that all cloud technologies in partnership with Next-Generation Fortinet Firewall technologies are leveraged to ensure a secure landing-zone built according to a Well-architected methodology, and in-line with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework. Leveraging Gijima's extensive experience in migrating thousands of servers and a multitude of application workloads into the cloud and with our relevant and current related Microsoft Advanced Specializations, we ensure that we map Microsoft Azure's cloud technologies and solutions to your business requirements and processes, resulting in a secure cloud that is built to purpose and caters for transformation of your services to fit the cloud operating model.

Over the next 4 weeks you can expect the following: Week 1 & 2:

  • Initial workshops to understand your business processes and requirements
  • Technical workshops to help you understand Azure cloud technologies and how they map back to your requirements
  • Define governance documentation in-line with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework while defining your technical solution to be deployed into Azure for your secure landing zone
  • Prepare and deploy Azure Migrate to assess your current infrastructure to target application workloads for migration

Week 3

  • Deploy the Secure Cloud Foundation Landing Zone
  • Prepare assessment report on application workloads to be migrated into the Secure Landing Zone in Microsoft Azure

Week 4

  • Prepare for migration of selected workloads defined during our assessment phase

The outputs from the Secure Cloud Foundation process are as follows:

  • Microsoft Azure governance documentation
  • Solution Design on your secure cloud destination
  • Secure Landing Zone in Microsoft Azure