Data Platform with DPA: 2-Wk Assessment

Globallogic Inc.

Build roadmap for modern Data Platform solution with modular, integrated, ready-to-use tool that drastically accelerates product development

GlobalLogic offers 2-weeks consulting service with the focus on assessment of accelerated adoption of Azure cloud and Data Platform best practices.

GlobalLogic Data Platform Accelerator for Azure by GlobalLogic enables businesses to implement a fully functional, end-to-end data platform within a target or Greenfield cloud account in days instead of months. Leveraging cloud native PaaS technologies, DPA helps businesses gather enterprise-wide data, transform and enrich it, and deliver it to analysts for extracting insights. The following services are the core of the solution: Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Blob Storage,Datalake Gen2, DataBricks, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and others

2-Week Assessment schedule:

  • Introduction & Context Setting Meeting (2 hours): GlobalLogic presents DPA overview & capabilities, Customer presents overview of existing solution/future needs
  • High-level current Architecture & Challenges (2 hours): Customer presents solution architecture, requirements, tools, technologies and challenges
  • Subsequent Q&A Meetings (1 hour, multiple/optional/as needed): Additional Q&A session
  • Final Presentation Meeting (1 hour): GlobalLogic presents assessment results

2-Week Assessment outcomes and deliverables:

  • Data Platform maturity assessment report
  • Applicability & scope of DPA implementation
  • A draft architecture of the data & analytics solution based on Azure services with respect to requirements
  • High-level implementation options and approach