SAP on Azure: 2-wk Solution Assessment

GMCS Verex

We provide customers a solution assessment to find a best way to migrate complete SAP enviroment to Microsoft Azure, at a best price, with optimized perfomance and TCO.

SAP and Microsoft have a long history of working together in a strong partnership that has mutual benefits for their customers. Microsoft is constantly updating its platform and submitting new certification details to SAP in order to ensure Microsoft Azure is the best platform on which to run your SAP workloads. Microsoft is the preferred Cloud Platform for SAP implementations, building on a joint commitment to simplify and modernize customers’ journeys to the cloud through project “Embrace”, SAP and Microsoft announced an extensive go-to-market partnership to accelerate customer adoption of SAP S/4HANA® and SAP® Cloud Platform on Microsoft Azure. During this assessment, our team will evaluate your current SAP environment, and will find how you can improve the performance of your SAP applications at optimal costs with Microsoft Azure.


  • Define a high-level architecture and design for the complete SAP environment
  • Build a high-level roadmap for the SAP migration and transformation
  • Provide a clear business value of the migration to Microsoft Azure


  • Current enviroment description
  • Proposed SAP on Azure scenarios (High-level Architecture)
  • SAP on Azure TCO estimation
  • SAP on Azure Migration Roadmap (efforts, plan, estimate & approach)
  • Recommendations