CAF starting steps: 1-day assessment

Gofore Oyj

Free one day pre-assessment to get started with Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Review or set the foundation steps for your cloud adaptation in our free one-day assessment workshop. Take this session as a key starting point for your organization’s future cloud roadmap, and to better understand what kind of changes and resources are needed for successful operations using Azure as your public cloud platform.

This one-day assessment is suitable for organizations, who already use cloud platforms, or are thinking about migrating their business to cloud.

Depending on where your organization is in its' cloud journey, please choose from suitable tracks below.

I want to define cloud strategy and create a plan

  • Creating a cloud service vision

  • Cloud service strategy definition and roadmap

  • Baseline situation for cloud services and gap analysis

I am ready to create a landing zone

  • Operating and management model of cloud services

  • Cloud services security policy

  • Development of cloud architecture

  • Customer cloud skills training

After this initial assessment we offer deeper and more technical consulting services for the following areas (terms and price for this are agreed separately based on your needs):

I want to adopt and migrate my workloads to cloud

  • Modernization of ICT infrastructure

  • Assessing the potential for cloud utilization

  • Acquisition of cloud services

  • Cloud foundation construction

  • Cloud expert services - development, evaluation, optimization

  • ICT infrastructure consulting and development

I want to govern and manage my cloud infrastructure

  • Cloud service procurement model and contract models

  • Operation of IaaS and PaaS clouds

  • CCoE as a service