Harman IOT in a BOX: 3 months implementation

Harman International Industries

IoT-in-a-Box is a low-code DIY kit with built-in tools for the complete IoT journey so businesses can onboard use cases and harness IoT-driven insights without technical know-how.

A gateway hardware and IoT cloud-agnostic platform by HARMAN, IoT in a Box is a subscription-based, do-it-yourself tool designed to integrate shop floor activities with boardroom ones, creating a unified view of all business layers.

Industrial IOT solution developers can use this tool to quickly build new IOT use cases for smart manufacturing.

Integration-related challenges are becoming overwhelming across industries. Built on Azure Cloud and leveraging Azure native services, HARMAN IoT platform is simple and easy to use without the dependency on experts. It helps by giving you built-in tools and capabilities to ease your IoT journey. Ensure efficiency, reduce risks, and boost ROI by jumping over hurdles to get the desired business output.

Harman offers a 3 months implementation as a consulting service to provide a customized solution for your use-case. Harman will bring in specialists who will deploy and setup the solution providing their expertise on Azure. The scope of implementation will be decided in consultation with your respective teams.