Build & Modernize Intelligent Applications 5 Week Proof of Concept

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions experts partner with you to integrate AI into your business applications delivering more intelligent experiences for your employees and customers.

This is a 5-week consultation engagement with Hitachi Solutions, focusing on developing a proof of concept using natural language processing and the Azure Open AI service. Our Software Architects and Data Science Experts will conduct workshops to scope and select 1-2 client-specific use cases. This will be followed by the creation of both a high-level architecture and design for a proof of concept implementation.

Our goal is to expedite the integration of the latest AI advancements into your business, shaping a strategic execution plan. Customers can expect to understand organization specific use cases for the application of AI, a roadmap to build those use cases, and a clear understanding of the necessary technical and business architecture upon which to build a foundation of continues success to incorporating AI into their processes.