Azure IoT Hub 1 week POC

IFI Techsolutions

Azure IOT services help you to turn your vision into reality with secure, durable, & open edge-to-cloud solutions. The approach of Azure IoT places ease of development & integration and monitoring.

IFI Techsolutions is a leading cloud solutions and managed services provider that was recognized as a 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist. Founded by former Microsoft executives, IFI Techsolutions has earned Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations on Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Modernization of Web Applications and Windows Virtual Desktop

We draw from experiences helping and supporting our clients to successfully design Azure IoT solution as per the best Azure road map and requirement. The best approach to getting value out of your IoT capabilities is through a phased approach.


Phase 1: Engagement Planning

  • Kick-Off meeting, review of your current processes and finalize the scope of POC with your systems.
  • Identify the workloads, where we can perform the PoC.

Phase 2: Inventory analysis

  • Discover the number of H/w Devices and dependencies.
  • Analyzing the current system workflow.

Phase 3: Cost Modelling in Azure

  • Provide Azure Subscription for Proof of Concept.
  • Generate the complete cost of the Proof of Concept.

Phase 4: Environment setup

  • Creating an environment and setting up the Azure IoT Services.
  • Creating a Time Series Insights or, required services.

Phase 5: Implementation of Proof of Concept

  • Register device with Azure IoT Hub.
  • Configure Time Series Insights with IoT hub
  • Updating your application data sources.
  • Testing and validating the application.
  • Final walkthrough, training & POC closure.

Phase 6: Report of Proof of Concept.

  • Generate a detailed report based on POC on success factors and outcomes of the success factors.


  • Provisioning of Azure Subscription
  • Create and configure Azure IoT Services for the POC.
  • Create and configure required Azure Data Services.
  • Support to configure IoT Devices with Azure IoT service.
  • Architecture diagram.
  • A written report that evaluates various use cases such as an effort to create an environment,scale etc.