SQL Transformation 2- Week Implementation

IFI Techsolutions

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IFI Techsolutions is a leading cloud solutions and managed services provider that was recognized as a 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist. Founded by former Microsoft executives, IFI Techsolutions has earned Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations on Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Modernization of Web Applications and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Below is the description of the steps we take for implementing the solution:


Phase 1: Meeting to discuss Plan of action

  • Demonstration to the customer on POC performed on the dev environment and discussed the outcomes, advantages, and future scope.
  • We will then discuss the workflow for the production environment and set deadlines for each milestone to achieve in the project.

Phase 2:Modification and Transformation of the Database

  • Necessary modifications will be made on the datasets to cater to the compatibility issues if any.

Phase 3: Pre-Migration

  • Start with the pre-migration stage after source verification.
  • This phase involves inventory of the databases that you need to migrate, assessing those databases for potential migration issues and then resolving any items you might have uncovered.
  • This stage also involves converting the schemas in the source databases to be compatible with the target environment in case there is a need.

Phase 4:Migration Process

  • We will use the migration type as suggested by our architects in the execution plan.
  • Our experienced engineers will migrate the databases from source to destination in the production environment using Microsoft Tools .

Phase 5: Post-Migration

  • Testing the migrated databases of production environment with routine workloads.
  • Monitor the service for a week or two and prepare a detailed report on the project execution.


  • Provide detailed Report of Project Execution.
  • Document on Time and Efforts required for the project
  • Billing Report for cost calculations
  • Final Delivery