App Modernization: 2-Wk Assessment

iLink Systems, Inc.

Cloud Readiness 2 weeks Assessment Modernize IT & Embrace Digital Transformation using Cloud

As digital disruptions impose greater demands on IT systems and organizations, companies like yours are upgrading technologies to offer best services to end customers. Why not see what Cloud can do for you? As a trusted partner iLink systems can develop an incremental development roadmap for the application migration & modernization process and lead to digital transformation.

Day 0: Engagement Planning and Kick-Off Call

  • Kick-off call to discuss the scope, brief overview of current state and ideal state
  • Discuss agenda for the first day

Day 1-2: Application Inventory

  • Identified set of application(s)
  • Review Current State
  • Define Ideal State

Day 3-4: Working Session Meeting and Report

  • Work with technical team to collect data about identified application(s)
  • Design, plan and document key considerations for Application Modernization effort

Day 5-10: Application Modernization Roadmap

  • Application modernization roadmap and timeline
  • Migration strategy
  • Technology selection

What you get?

  • Innovation-first strategy with business and users as the prime focus
  • Enable your employees with quick iteration by giving your team access to the business data and intelligence that drives success.
  • Transform your apps and take advantage of micro services, server less architecture, and containers to remove large dependencies within your apps and create independently deployable components
  • Help your organization to disrupt and re-define how you provide service to your customers and exceed their expectation
  • Scale app delivery while staying agile with processes and flexible tools and services for developers
  • Optimize your operations and gain operational insights on how your apps run, take advantage of elastic resources to dynamically meet changing demand without upfront capital costs