Machine Learning Accelerator: 6-wk Implementation

InCycle Software

Leveraging InCycle’s proprietary Machine Learning Accelerator & InCycle cloud architects will design and implement an robust and reliable automated ML data pipeline.

Automation and standardization can dramatically increase model training and deployment speed. Our Machine Learning (ML) Accelerator is comprehensive, consultant-led, and turnkey. This mature and enterprise grade solution enables your team to deliver on the promise of Data and AI. Avoid costly learnings, trial and error, and false starts and take advantage of an advanced and proven ML strategy.

InCycle’s ML Accelerator combined with Azure Services including Data Lake, Data Factory, Cosmos DB, AI & ML etc., will ensure that you not only use the right tools and technologies, but that you build apps and models faster.

InCycle cloud architects will help implement an automated ML pipeline consisting of the following workflow:

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Preparation
  • Model Training
  • Model Deployment
  • Operationalization


The result is a common set of tools and the ability to measure and monitor ML models. Customers will have the ability to transform data, leverage repeatable scripts and properly store configuration files in source control. Management will be armed with the power to respond quickly to market demands and trends. A sound ML strategy and solution allows business leaders to leverage intelligent data.

Note, typical engagements take approximately 6-weeks but projects and costs will vary depending on objectives, data sources, data types and business goals.