Skaylink Azure Networking: 1-Day Assessment

Skaylink GmbH

A networking assessment to verify the current state and future requirements of the organisation's network to support the migration of workloads and data to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Networking Services Create, connect, and manage your virtual networks in the cloud with Skaylink.

Why you should attend? Skaylink has combined their expertise around networking and communications with their expertise around Azure to provide an assessment service to help organisations determine a way forward to optimise their networks for cloud.

What to expect? Skaylink can advise on the options for Microsoft network architectures as well as the network functions that can be designed and deployed as part of an optimized Microsoft Cloud environment. These include both connecting to the Microsoft Cloud and implementing networking functionality within Azure for a holistic solution. Our guidance includes multiple topics, such as virtual networking and security

Assessment highlights

  • Assessment to review the current environment and needs
  • Identified initiatives to provide a report to outline a prioritised list of activities to implement an Azure ready network

*Please note that the pricing and timeframe is only a rough estimate and may vary depending on the services you choose, the scope, and other circumstances in your specific target scenario.