Injazat Journey to Cloud Assessment

Injazat Data Systems

Injazat Journey to Cloud (J2C) for Azure service offers customized cloud readiness and migration plans to support your business goals.

Injazat Journey to Cloud (J2C) for Azure offers an end-to-end outcome-based engagement model where Injazat creates customized cloud readiness and migration plans designed to support your business goals while minimizing business risks, disruption and downtime. Our Azure practice consultants will conduct a holistic assessment of your IT environment and handle the migration of your applications and workloads. Our engagement starts from the as-is discovery of the IT landscape through tools assisted and offline questionnaire. This step ensures that your applications are fully inventoried, relationships are mapped, and technical requirements are scoped. We assess risks and plan milestones along each application’s pathway to Azure cloud and align those paths so that they lead your entire organization to cloud through a sequenced, orderly process.

As part of overall exercise of assessment Injazat covers following areas

-Compatibility Assessment of Infra for Azure cloud -Dependency Mapping -Residual Infrastructure Consolidation Plan -Impact on License Cost (if any) -Adoption Planning., e.g. Rebuild, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire, Retain -Total Cost of Ownership on Azure cloud

Leveraging the information and insights gained during the discovery & assessment phase we determine the cloud suitability and migration path(s). Designing of public cloud landing zone follows once the migration path(s) are decided and then identified pilot migrations are executed. Based on the pilot migration findings the bigger application wave groups are decided and migrated through tools and automated scripts. Post migration Injazat supports its customer by extending Azure setup stabilization and performance management services for an agreed duration of time.