App of the Future: 5 day


This five-day engagement helps you translate your desired business outcomes into a tangible product vision utilizing Microsoft Azure, and plan for execution.

Business challenge:

Even with a clear and prioritized business goal in mind, organizations often get stuck trying to envision what the solution or product will look like in the future to continue to gain internal support, alignment and momentum. Additionally, with the countless technology options to select from, development teams can be hesitant or even paralyzed in selecting the best-fit architecture and approach to bring the idea to life. This process could take months or years normally, but with this focused effort, we can help accelerate your ability to innovate and modernize your business using Microsoft Azure.

How we help:

Insight’s App of the Future engagement helps you translate your desired business outcomes, identified during our Innovation Jumpstart Workshop, into a tangible product and plan for execution utilizing Microsoft Azure. Your team will be able to better validate, socialize and estimate your ideas.

At the end of this five-day engagement, you’ll get a mockup or prototype and proposed architecture that allow you to move onto implementing your solution on Microsoft Azure.


To ensure you receive the greatest value, you’ll need:

• Completed Innovation Jumpstart Workshop

• Available subject matter experts with knowledge of desired business goals, functional and non-functional requirements, and technical limitations or constraints